The final arguments of the trial for the death of George Floyd will be next Monday.
Biden calls for 'peace and calm' in wake of Daunte Wright's shooting in Minnesota
The defense secretaries of the United States and the Philippines discussed measures on the incursion of Chinese ships.
The agent who killed the young African-American in Minneapolis mistook his service weapon for a taser.
The United States warned Russia that "there will be consequences" if it acts aggressively towards Ukraine.
One student dead, officer injured after gunfire erupts at high school in Knoxville, Tennessee
The main adviser for Latin America of the White House ruled out negotiations with Cuba: "Biden is not Obama."
The United States has once again questioned the Chinese government's lack of transparency about the epidemic
Tennessee high school shooting: at least one dead and one cop injured
The video of the death of a young African American at the hands of the police sparks protests in the US.